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Dr. Tae Chul Ho offers several different forms of oral surgery to restore teeth, treat gum health problems, and address other oral health conditions. Proper preparation and quality aftercare will help speed the healing process, and prevent complications after oral surgery.

Certain lifestyle choices can potentially complicate the healing process. Tobacco use will introduce tar and other chemicals which can irritate oral tissues, increase your healing time, and potentially cause a significant infection. Treating these complications could call for another oral surgery or the use of prescription antibiotics.

If you have an upcoming oral surgery scheduled at Dr. Tae Chul Ho’s Portland, Connecticut, clinic, you should speak to your primary physician about a tobacco cessation program. They can often work with you to find the best method for you.

If possible, you should try to choose a tobacco cessation program that doesn’t include nicotine gum or lozenges. These items can also irritate gums and cause other complications while your gums are healing.

Any special recovery measures will be covered during your surgical consultation. This could include a prescription for anti-inflammatory, pain management, or antibiotic medication.

If you live in the Portland, Connecticut, area and you need an oral surgery treatment, you should call 860-342-4141 to set up a consultation appointment at Waterview Dental Group.