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Halitosis typically arises due to poor dental health habits. If you’re suffering from halitosis, also known as bad breath, it means there could be an underlying condition of the body or some other issue that exists. Not only can halitosis arise due to poor diet, but it can be linked to underlying health conditions, and require cleaning techniques with your teeth and gums. Thus, it is important to exercise caution protect your smile against the risk of halitosis.

Common causes of halitosis often include the foods you’re eating and the drinks you’re drinking. This could be caused by garlic, onions, coffee or other similar foul odor offending foods and drinks. In addition, bad breath is often linked to poor oral hygiene and a lack of brushing and flossing effectively. Furthermore, it could be caused by medications you’re using.

Numerous bad habits in your lifestyle could be causing bad breath, including smoking and chewing tobacco. Furthermore, underlying ailments within your mouth could also be contributing to bad breath, including several oral health ailments and diseases that may have gone undetected or are not regularly associated with bad breath. This can include gum disease and toothaches.

Often times, bad breath can even be linked to deeper underlying conditions within your body. This can be something that occurs deep in your body including a respiratory tract infection. In addition, liver problems, and kidney functions are often associated with bad breath as well.

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