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Without professional diagnosis and treatment, a cavity can affect more than just the health of your tooth. As time goes on the bacterial presence of the tooth decay can start to penetrate deep into the softer tissue within the tooth.

In time, this could also cause a dangerous abscess to form in your gums. Left untreated this level of infection could eventually your bloodstream causing significant medical complications.

Early signs of a dental abscess forming could include a toothache, pressure, pain, or general discomfort in the underlying gums. In a case like this, you should not delay in seeking professional care at Dr. Tae Chul Ho’s clinic in Portland, Connecticut.

If a dental abscess is small Dr. Tae Chul Ho might be able to treat the tooth with a root canal and prescription antibiotics. If the tooth has been severely compromised or the abscess is large, Dr. Tae Chul Ho might recommend a total extraction. This will excise the abscess and all remnants of the tooth.

After the extraction, Dr. Tae Chul Ho might include a prescription for antibiotics and pain medications. This can help eliminate any lingering traces of infection and mediate any pain.   

When you’re ready, Dr. Tae Chul Ho can present you with different options for restoring the tooth. This might include a dental bridge or dental implant.

If you live in Portland, Connecticut, and you have a tooth suffering from a severe cavity, you should call 860-342-4141 to seek treatment at Waterview Dental Group.