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The strong mineral density of tooth enamel is what provides your teeth with the hardness to handle biting, chewing, and grinding most common foods. Yet there are some things, like grinding your teeth or crunching on ice, that can exceed the structural capacity of your teeth. This could cause a significant chip or dental fracture.

Without professional attention from an experienced dentist, minute bacterial deposits could become trapped in the textures of the fractured tooth enamel. This could cause a severe cavity to develop deep within the already compromised tooth.    

The severity of the damage to the tooth enamel layer and the location of the dental fracture will determine the method of treatment recommended for repairing the chipped tooth. If the chip in the tooth enamel is small, our dentist might be able to repair it by installing a simple dental filling. 

However, a more significant dental fracture might require restoring the tooth with a standard dental crown. This will fully replace the entire tooth enamel with a special dental material like base metals, gold alloy, or dental grade porcelain-ceramic.

If you live in the Portland, Connecticut, area and you have recently chipped one of your teeth you should call 860-342-4141 to have it examined and treated at Waterview Dental Group’s dental offices. Our dentists, Dr. Tae Chul Ho, Dr. Sueyoung Chi, and Dr. Michael A. Sortito are happy to help you with your oral care needs!